There is a 25$ registration fee, that comes with 1 free hour of studio time. This gives you access to our online rental software.

  • Collective Sound Studio is available for 25$/hr on short notice
  • Prime hours (Weekends and everyday 3pm – 12pm) are 25$ / hr
  • Off Hours (Sunday -> Friday 12am – 3pm) are 15$/hr


If you want to rent a 3hr block during prime time once every week for band practice it would cost 300$ per month and your spot is reserved every month for the whole month when you pay for it. If you don’t reserve again by the final week of the month that space becomes available for others to rent the next month. We can setup recurring billing to ensure your spot is always available, or you can manage the payments yourself!

We are still working on figuring out a pricing that works for everyone and keeps the space solvent. We are happy to hear your comments in this regard. Our goal is to provide this space in a sustainable fashion that allows for the most flexibility and autonomy for all involved.